Training Promotions


6 September 2021



One of many reasons why it is always worth keeping your eyes peeled as to what’s happening at Eagle Platforms is our regular promotions. At the moment we have two tantalising training promotions going on to help UK contractors and businesses ensure that all their staff are fully trained.

  1. 15% discount on booking 4 places on the IPAF PAL Plus Simulator

In case you were not aware, the VR simulator for IPAF PAL Plus training is one of the most exciting developments in working at height training in recent times. The use of these Virtual Reality simulators as part of the assessment process for our advanced operator training course is fully approved by the IPAF.

Paul Roddis, Eagle Platforms IPAF Training Manager, recently enthused about the VR technology. “Our trials showed that VR simulators are well suited for testing control, observation and decision-making required for conducting various advanced-level operations…”

He went on to discuss just how the simulator has managed to replicate real life conditions.

“There’s been a huge amount of hard work put into making these assessment scenarios as lifelike in the VR environment as possible; the next step was to prove the technology using real training candidates under genuine assessment conditions.”

Eagle Platforms will send the simulator anywhere in the UK at no additional cost when a single booking for four people is made.

  1. Free Harness Course & Harness when booking 4 places for IPAF PAL

PPE is a vital and valuable tool in the armoury of those regularly working at height, but it is equally important that the equipment is worn and used properly. That is why we have decided to include this amazing free offer for those booking an IPAF PAL course for four people. PPE used ineffectually can actually give a false confidence and prove more dangerous, so this course is extremely valuable and the offer should prove very popular.


IPAF training course | Scissor Lift Hire cost UK

approved training centre

We are proud to have been the first IPAF training centre based in Sheffield and are delighted to offer four dedicated courses all given the Eagle stamp of quality and offered with flexible options that allow morning, afternoon, evening and even weekend bookings.