with more than 30 passionate years served in the access industry, eagle platforms ltd are ideally suited to cover your needs.

We guarantee a maximum of 2 hours response to any breakdown (regardless of the reason for call out, and uniquely, we credit back automatically breakdowns of more than 4 hours, which results from faulty equipment.

quality where it matters the most

All our machines are inspected monthly and independently checked every six months. Remember we take the same great care of customers own machines across the region.


Do not leave the care of your access platform in the hands of a novice. We have fully qualified, developed skills in this industry. This priceless experience is at your disposal.

Call today for a free assessment of your MEWP and our best quotation for platinum care. It’s not nearly as expensive as you might think.


We will visit monthly , 12 visits annually and carry out thorough examination and certificate the visit. Included in the package are two x six monthly services and two six monthly test examination certificates.  7 days a week call-out to attend breakdown.


The fixed monthly charge is payable on a net monthly account. This includes all labour, sundry parts filters and lubricants.




your dedicated access platform provider