Everything You Need to Know About the IPAF PAL Card


18 November 2020



With the huge strides Eagle Platforms have made to expand and perfect our IPAF training programmes in recent years and the extensive efforts to make our testing programmes Covid-secure, we thought it wise to explain just what an IPAF PAL Card provides for its recipients. We will look at what an IPAF PAL Card is, how it is obtained and who can benefit from the PAL card, as well as looking at the latest Smart PAL Card.

What is a PAL Card?

The IPAF PAL (Powered Access Licence) Card is recognised across the globe, industrywide as proof of the highest level of platform operator training. IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) accredit the training required to obtain the PAL card (as provided by Eagle Platforms) and it is issued to platform operators who, as delegates are able to successfully complete a training course accredited by IPAF. Every year over 150,000 PAL Cards are issued via IPAF approved training centres worldwide, a figure towards which Eagle Platforms are proud to contribute.

Who can benefit from a PAL Card?

The individual
The short answer to this question is anyone who is required to work at height and use access equipment. This could include construction workers, painters and decorators, window cleaners (especially of large blocks) and even electricians. Platforms are designed to be easy to use and offer a safe way to work at height, but with basic training, users will be able to use the equipment more effectively and safely.

The employer
Employers will benefit greatly from ensuring that their staff are properly trained at working at height safely and in turn from them possessing the IPAF Pal Card to prove this to potential clients. Employers will be able to rest easy that all legal requirements will have been fulfilled and having employees properly trained will create a better working environment not to mention a boost to efficiency and productivity.

The Smart PAL Card

The latest up-to-date IPAF PAL Card is the award-winning Smart PAL Card, which is machine-readable and is devised to be used to make sure that only trained operators are using MEWPs on site.

Successful IPAF trainees are awarded the Smart PAL Card, which remains valid for five years and displays the level and machine categories that the operator has been trained in. The card features a photograph of the cardholder as well as their signature and can be verified by employers on the IPAF website (www.ipaf.org).

The new smart PAL card, when paired with a suitable reading device is excellent for facilitating efficient and safe control of machine access and dramatically improving site safety as managers are able to easily monitor who has access to MEWPs. The reader will also enable site managers to check who has been using machines and for how long, to help reduce fatigue and further mitigate against the potential for injury.

Eagle Platforms remains open for all of its training programmes and the demand remains extremely high, so please do not hesitate to get in touch for booking enquiries.


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approved training centre

We are proud to have been the first IPAF training centre based in Sheffield and are delighted to offer four dedicated courses all given the Eagle stamp of quality and offered with flexible options that allow morning, afternoon, evening and even weekend bookings.