28 September 2023


Eagle Platforms

As many of you will now know, Eagle Platforms are the UK’s first IPAF Sustaining Member to offer Rental & Training to our customers across the Country.

What does this mean for you? In order to achieve Sustaining Membership, we have made various commitments in terms of our environmental sustainability, reducing our CO2 emissions and Carbon Footprint, as well as an overall commitment to implementing best practice policies across the company to impact the industry as a whole.

The Sheffield Star recently covered a story about Eagle Platforms efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and Chairman Jim Haigh quoted: “Over the last few years we have boosted our rental fleet with green diesel and electric and hybrid vehicles, moved towards paperless and replaced all of the old lighting in and around our extensive workshops with energy saving alternatives at a cost of over £30k”

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Case Study 1 – Electric Rough Terrain Machines.

As a company, we have invested over £3m in the last 18 month on new equipment, and the vast majority of this is purchased with the future of our fleet in mind.

Where there is an alternative to traditional diesel rough terrain machines available, Eagle Platforms have made the commitment to purchase the electric alternative to aid our push towards environmental sustainability.

This includes Scissors across the spectrum from 10m to 22m working heights, and Boom lifts from 12m to 28m, meaning we cover a massive range of machines that would traditionally have been powered by high emission diesel engines.

Case Study 2 – Recycling & Reduced Emissions

Biodegradable oils & fuels supplied with our Access Platforms

Paper recycling bins in every office

During the last 12 months, we have recycled over 34 tonnes of material that would have otherwise been destined for landfill. This includes materials such as paper & cardboard, through to steel & wood used for palletised deliveries.

We aim to recycle all waste either internally or through our chosen partners wherever possible, and have specially selected arrangements to minimise the footprint of any waste that is sent away to landfill.

We also offer biodegradable oils & fuels for all machines, in order to minimise any potential impact on the environment. This extends to our offer to supply HVO fuel, which is a recycled fuel, which offers up to a 90% reduction in emissions when compared with diesel.

This is a drop-in alternative to diesel so has no additional costs to implement into our machines, which removes a potential stumbling block to any customers looking to utilise this to reduce their own carbon footprint.


IPAF training course | Scissor Lift Hire cost UK

Approved Training Centre

We are proud to have been the first IPAF training centre based in Sheffield and are delighted to offer four dedicated courses all given the Eagle stamp of quality and offered with flexible options that allow morning, afternoon, evening and even weekend bookings.