New Haulotte Sigma 16 Pro Booms


17 September 2021



Eagle Platforms have once again delved into the market to take advantage of technological advancements and add to our burgeoning inventory of diverse, high quality booms and telehandlers. Again we have placed our faith in the ever-excellent Haulotte and their Sigma 16 Pro Booms.

These particular booms are all electric, representing a major step forward in the flexibility and capacity of electric booms, in that they benefit from the largest horizontal outreach (8.05 m) of any 16m electric boom on the market. This model is a fully re-designed unit built to industry leading standards and benefiting from zero emissions, making it one of the most environmentally friendly booms on the market.

With the Haulotte Sigma 16 Pro Boom you are able to take advantage of a hitherto rare piece of synergy in a coming together of climate-friendliness and optimal performance as this is one incredibly impressive piece of kit. Not only does it have the best working envelope on the market and the longest outreach, but it also boasts the highest up and over clearance among the 16m booms.

The Haulotte Sigma 16 Pro oozes class with its simultaneous, proportional, precise and smooth movements and high agility, boasting zero tail-swing performance and a jib with horizontal rotation that will allow users to access the more inaccessible parts on the site.

The load capacity of this model is a substantial 230kg, while it is incredible reliable and low maintenance.  On a similar note the Haulotte Activ’Energy Management will take care of the health of the battery and there is on board configuration and a diagnostic interface to ensure everything is operational at all times.

This completes your introduction to another welcome addition to the constantly expanding, high quality Eagle Platforms fleet. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for more information and availability.


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