Eagle Platforms Reaches New Heights at Power Station Project


8 October 2020



The world in 2020 is waking up to a world in which the case for green has never been more compelling. With this, as well as a strong commitment to diversification and grabbing opportunities when they arise, the chance for Eagle Platforms to get involved with a major Bio Power Station project was just too good to be true. The project in question is Hooton Bio Power Station, under construction in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, on the banks of the historic river Mersey.

This is such a unique project as it uses the EfW (Energy from Waste) model in order to transform waste into energy. It also breaks new ground, representing the first non-subsidised Power Station of its size that will be entirely based around fluidised bed technology. The waste gasification side of things will be handled by Kobelco Eco Solutions, a Japanese entity.

With the Covid-19 pandemic still very much an issue and the economy having contracted by around 20% there is a real opportunity to work towards a greener economy with projects such as this one providing jobs, energy and a sustainable future. The power station, once complete will be able to convert around 250,000 tonnes of municipal methane waste into energy with net zero carbon emissions. After taking into account the running needs of the plant itself the resultant energy will be enough to power circa 50,000 homes, representing a very significant contribution to the grid. It is a real boost to the profile of Eagle Platforms to be able to contribute to this outstanding scheme.

Dan Stewart, Operations Director of Eagle Platforms, said: “We are delighted to be involved in what is a significant project as the UK looks to a greener, more sustainable future, and works towards achieving its ambitious Net Zero by the 2050 target.

“We live in an increasingly delicate environment and are very aware that we all must contribute in a positive way to reducing damaging emissions. Our key involvement in projects such as this one, as well as our continued investment in zero carbon emission, electric and hybrid technology, is testament to our commitment to a greener planet.”

In terms of Eagle Platforms’ contributions, they are predominantly two-fold, in that 1) Eagle Platforms will provide training for the workers on site and 2) the construction and operational requirements of the project will be fulfilled via the provision of a vast range of equipment to carry out the work on the power station itself.

Firstly, in terms of the training, Eagle Platforms will bring some of their most popular PASMA and IPAF accredited training courses to the table, helping to ensure safe and best practice on site. Among these training courses, will be:

• IPAF 3A and 3B courses
• Telehandler driver training
• Harness Loading
• PASMA scaffold training
• MEWPs for Managers

The provision of equipment for a project of this scale has been made possible by the continued expansion of Eagle Platforms’ fleets and as such they have been able to contribute:

• A range of scissor lifts, varying from smaller 6m models to much larger 17m beasts.
• Cherry pickers with maximum heights from 12m to 41m, including the brand new zero emission HA41PRO.

In addition to the equipment there will be contractors on site in order to coordinate the equipment requirements.
Taking part in this project and being involved in both training and the provision of equipment is a big boost to the ever-growing portfolio of projects and clients on the Eagle Platforms books and it is hoped that I will represent one of many such projects in 2020 and beyond.


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