Eagle Platforms Approach to Mandated Fuel Changes in the UK


20 January 2022



As part of governmental plans to try to reach climate change and air quality targets announced in the 2020 budget, this April, 2022 sees regulations come into force that prohibit many sectors, including the construction industry, from using rebated diesel or red diesel as it is commonly known. Instead all plant machinery that runs off diesel fuel will have to switch to white diesel (DERV). These regulations will be in place from April 1st, 2022.

Eagle Platforms has diversified to offer alternatives where applicable. Firstly, there are options of certain items of plant machinery that utilise the less environmentally impacting HVO fuel. This is available on a wide range of items and we will be more than happy to talk you through the inventory.

Over the past 18 months Eagle Platforms has heavily invested in electric powered units – especially in plants with 4×4 capability. This has allowed us to boost our green credentials as well as offer our customers energy and cost-saving equipment without a compromise on performance – bypassing the need for diesel.

We are delighted that this forward planning has meant that the Eagle Platforms inventory is filled with incredible models of telehandlers and other plant items that will help our clients combat rising fuel costs as well as transition to more environmentally friendly alternatives to the burning of fossil fuels.


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