Eagle Platforms – A Blueprint for Reducing Our Carbon Footprint


19 June 2023



At Eagle Platforms we are mindful of the fact that we only have one planet, one environment and we are running out of chances to get things right. Making decisions that minimise environmental impact is incredibly important to us and we are passionate about ensuring that our business activities impact as little as possible on the environment. We always loot to ensure that we add as little carbon to the atmosphere we can in order that the natural world around us can thrive and we can safeguard our planet for our future as well as that of our children.

We are going to detail some of our sustainability plan below, illustrating what Eagle Platforms are doing to work towards the UK’s key initiatives , like “A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment.” It is vital that our growth moves forward at a similar trajectory to our green vision and we are fully aware how important this is for many of our valued customers too.

Sometimes it helps that a green initiative ties in with another of our key objectives and this is certainly the case when it comes to working more locally. Working with and alongside the local community has always been something Eagle Platforms are passionate about and as we have developed many key contacts and networks in the local area so have we managed to reduce travel, fuel usage and ultimately carbon footprint.

There are a number of things that can be done within and around the workplace to reduce the carbon footprint of a business and at Eagle Platforms we have replaced older lighting with energy efficient LED lighting in all of our workshops, as well as externally at a cost of over £30k, with plans to extend this to the office lighting over the next year.

In terms of our fleet, Eagle Platforms have committed to only purchasing models that are as green as possible, with green diesel and electric MEWPs making up a large percentage of our Access Platforms for hire. The company cars used within the business, will in future all be at least hybrid – which will make a huge difference to our green profile.

Something that has made a huge difference that we have implemented at Eagle Platforms is that we ensure that all of our general waste is waste to energy and none goes to landfill. This is something that should be adopted more widely as landfill brings with it a whole host of environmental pitfalls.

All of the appliances in our workplace have been replaced with energy efficient models, which may seem like a small gesture, but every little helps! In addition we are pretty exacting with our recycling standards and all paper, cardboard, plastic and food is recycled.

We also have a full plan to become paperless by 2024 and we are already using minimal paper, while staff who live closer to the depot are encouraged to walk or cycle rather than drive, while those living further afield are encouraged to care share.


IPAF training course | Scissor Lift Hire cost UK

Approved Training Centre

We are proud to have been the first IPAF training centre based in Sheffield and are delighted to offer four dedicated courses all given the Eagle stamp of quality and offered with flexible options that allow morning, afternoon, evening and even weekend bookings.