Eagle Orders Secondary Safety Guards From Skyjack


26 March 2018


Eagle Platforms

Safety is always at the forefront of our planning and decisions on inventory expenditure and as a result Eagle have taken the measure of ordering the revolutionary new SGLE systems from Skyjack for our scissor lifts for hire.


Over the past half a year, Skyjack has been rigorously testing their new secondary guarding equipment and it is now ready for use. They have called it the SGLE (Secondary Guarding Lift Enabler) – an upgrade on the SGE. It is essentially a shrouded control box with an anti-tamper enable button fitted to the control box. With this system in place you must press both the joystick and button to raise the platform and it will stop should either be released. This is a design that enforces two hand operating and necessitates an upright posture away from the guardrails, which reduces the risk of entrapment and collision with overhead obstacles.

The secondary “enable” button is not necessary when lowering the platform or indeed for manoeuvring the platform into position. In such circumstances you will still only need the joystick.

The system is a result of multiple feedbacks from ourselves and other hire companies and is a very simple but ingenious solution. It would not be at all surprising should this type of system be adopted across the board and it is very likely that it will be at the very least in high demand when it comes to choosing the specs of any rental scissor lift equipment.

As ever you can visit the dedicated hire page of our website to find out more about hiring scissor lifts from Eagle Platforms. There you will also find contact details, should you wish to discuss terms or enquire more about these exceptional safety guards and how they can help your company reduce the risk of workplace accidents.


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