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Eagle Platforms has more than 30 years of experience in the access platform hire industry. As such we are perfectly placed to offer an array of outstanding machines for all your access requirements.

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Benefits of Hiring a Cherry Picker

There are no MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms) that are more versatile than cherry pickers. Whether you are working at great heights or lower down, if you require vertical or lateral reach the cherry picker will be your greatest ally. Because of this cherry pickers will often be first to arrive on site and last to leave. If the cherry picker was a footballer it would be a utility player par excellence – the James Milner of the building site, if you like.

You are equally likely to see cherry pickers on construction sites as in warehouses, cleaning windows or for painting apartment blocks. 

Reaching the unreachable

There are always jobs that involve reaching awkward areas that are just out of reach and there is no piece of equipment out there best suited to reaching these areas than the cherry picker.

Flexible hire

The best hire companies are always happy to offer a flexible service in terms of contract terms and length of hire. They also offer an array of cherry pickers of different sizes and specifications to suit a wide range of applications.

Limit your downtime

The best hire arrangements will come with an ultra-fast repair agreement should anything happen to go wrong with your equipment. It is hard to overstate the importance of this when it comes to reducing costly and inconvenient downtime.


If you are contemplating buying a new or second hand cherry picker you might want to consider whether it is worth the hassle and expense compared to hiring. With hire you get support should anything go wrong and the convenience of this is hard to ignore. Depending on how often and how long you need the cherry picker for you could actually save a lot of money opting for a hire as well.

Get the job done faster

Choose the right cherry picker for the job (the hire company will advise you if necessary) and it will require no set-up time – it will be delivered to the site ready to go – and can be put in place to ensure perfect working conditions. The cherry picker can be easily adjusted by the worker while on the platform, translating into huge time saving benefits, while reducing the number of people needed on site, saving money too.

Increase safety and efficiency

What we all want from our equipment is that it contributes to making work smoother, safer and more efficient. The cherry picker manages all this with consummate ease. Compared to a tall ladder, which necessitates constant manual adjustment, a cherry picker with a hydraulic lifting system will save a great deal of time, while substantially boosting the safety profile of the working equipment. The cherry picker is, as mentioned, incredibly versatile which in itself helps with efficiency as on-site workers will not have to get used to lots of different pieces of equipment, where one will suffice.

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Just some of the Cherry Pickers available to hire from Eagle Platforms

Eagle Platforms have a wide array of cherry pickers available to hire. Here are some of our most popular models.


Genie Z-45/25


The Genie Z-45/25J RT is a very popular articulating rough terrain boom that benefits from a  maximum working height approaching 16m and has great ‘up and over’ capacity. It is one of Eagle Platforms most popular cherry pickers.


SkyJack SJ46AJ


Skyjack’s Articulating Boom Lifts are the kings of versatility and ‘up and over’ reach. This is the boom of choice where reach flexibility is the order of the day, whether it be vertical, horizontal or up and over clearance.


Haulotte HA16 RTJ Pro


A 16m articulated boom with incredible all-round performance including four wheel steering and rough terrain tyres. This is a popular choice for construction and demolition jobs as well as landscaping and forestry work.


Genie Z51/30J RT


Featuring 160° hydraulic basket rotation, this is an excellent choice for rough terrain jobs thanks to a 2-speed motor and positive traction control. A working height of up to 17.6m is possible and this model features superb ‘up and over’ clearance.


SkyJack SJ51AJ


With a maximum platform height of around 15 ½ metres and a horizontal reach of just over 9m this SkyJack model features 360° continues rotation as standard and has zero tail swing, allowing for greatly flexible operation in tight areas.


Genie Z60/34


This is an absolute beast of a cherry picker but still benefits from superb manoeuvring for areas that are tough to reach. It has a maximum working height of just over 20m and an outreach of 11m, with great ‘up and over’ clearance.


Some other very popular cherry pickers supplied by Eagle Platforms include the: SkyJack SJ63AJ; Haulotte HA20 RTJ Pro; SkyJack SJ66T and Haulotte HT23 RTJ Pro.