Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize – Brand New Telehandler Attachments


25 July 2022



If you’ve been keeping up to date with our news you will know that here at Eagle Platforms HQ we have been incredibly active in updating and expanding our fleet of telehandlers. This restless quest for improvement has not stopped with the machines themselves, however. We have also made sure that we’ve added a wide range of accessories to help our many customers add vital tweaks to tailor them to their telehandlers to their varying needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the new options available to those wishing to extract that extra 5% of efficiency and customisation from their telehandler.

First up, we have the H Frame Lifting Hook.  This is a heavy duty attachment that allows for the simply conversion of any forklift into a mobile crane unit, providing up to 3 tonnes of lifting capacity for underslung loads. An ideal bit of kit for added versatility on site.

We are also delighted to supply a range of Fork Extensions, allowing users to take full control of potentially problematic, cumbersome loads. The fork extensions we supply are high quality, welded steel designed for strength and endurance and come with restraining straps preventing any possibility of slippage.

There’s a beautiful simplicity to the idea of a Bucket Attachment. Nothing fancy, no pretences or flashiness, just a simply bucket that will help you to pick up bulky materials and transport them around the site. An immensely satisfying little attachment!

Our Crane Hook & Truss Jibs are perfect for shifting suspended loads around sites, while simultaneously boosting the forward reach of the telehandler to which they are attached. The truss jib is particularly useful when you need to place trusses in the middle of a site.

Finally, our range of Wide Forks are perfect for shifting lengthy items without any compromise on load security.


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